Each of these Somerset and Devon weddings I photographed in 2021 held so much emotional investment, for them and for me, as they’d been planning it for a long time. Because of you-know-what-, weddings had to be postponed, sometimes more than once. They didn’t know whether family could come or not, some having to do two weddings, one in England and one in their families country.

But one thing always rises up stronger than anything else, and sorry to be cheesy; but it’s love. Love got them through it, keeping the will to continue planning despite the hurdles, and just how much it was worth it when it happened. Oh, how satisfying it was to see them party and hug and laugh. Oh, and get married of course! yay! This one at St Audries Park was in August, so no restrictions, just get married!

St Audries Park wedding venue is lush. There are so many places to take photos, and I especially love the field around the corner which has golden grass and oak trees. You can get married in the stunning Orangery, which is soft and classic, and for photography it’s brilliant because of the amount of light let in through the glass panels.

These two.. how do I explain this. You know when you just look at something or someone and it just seems right, it just fits, it works. Well, when we were doing our photo shoot, they came together like two jigsaw pieces, it was just pure beauty. Instant connection. They had deep and incredibly meaningful looks of love on their faces at the very moment they looked at each other. I felt like I was in a romantic film, and it was so easy to photograph them. It was also ace that they loved photography, they gave the time needed to achieve these shots, and from that they’ve got a stunning set of shots including that ever gratifying golden evening light.

On with the photos…


St Audries Park Wedding Photography