st audries park

wow, right?! When Adele said she wanted to go to St Audries Bay for a location shoot on her wedding at St Audries Park, I gotta admit I was so excited. I’m also a landscape & garden photographer, so merging wedding photography with landscapes is my sweet spot. She also has a lot of energy ready for being creative with the wedding photos, and, as an artist herself, her desire for the possibility of getting epic shots actually matched mine!

Like many in 2021, this wasn’t the first date they chose for their wedding in Somerset. When the wedding day actually came, it was just even more special that it could ever be imagined to be. All the stars aligned, and everything went like a dream. No rain, everyone well, everyone happy, a perfect ceremony, space in the car park by St Audries Bay (it’s small), and the tide times were perfectly in our favour which allowed us to walk around to the waterfall!

My job as a wedding photographer literally means you experience all the emotions that exist all on one day; feeling humbled and excited, but worried and exhausted. So when you’re planning a location shoot on a rocky beach, all my senses had to be switched on. Correct gear, back-up gear, an umbrella just in-case, hiking boots, then get creative with the environment all working to a time schedule. It was a fantastic challenge, and I’m so enamoured with Adele and Zach for being the kind of people they are. With thanks to their awesome friends who came along on the shoot too, as they helped to hold up lights when needed, and carry some gear.

You’ll agree when you see the wedding photos, Adele looked like a beautiful mermaid that just rocked up on the shore. With a bouquet that looked like it just bloomed around her, and a roman engagement ring from the 2nd century!

One of their wedding guests was someone I went to Uni with 20 years ago! eek, twenty years, my goodness. Anyway, seeing my old (not in age!) friend again after all that time was another addition to the day which made it the perfect day.


So, if you’re engaged, and if you love landscapes, don’t take yourself too seriously, and are planning something relaxed and fun, get in touch.

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