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A Relaxed and Trustworthy Presence on Your Wedding Day

wahh, you’re getting married! Congratulations! You can think of me as just another friend celebrating your special day. When you’re comfortable and being yourselves, that’s when the magic happens, resulting in stunning photos that truly reflect your love and personalities. You can be you when I’m around, I’m easy going, like to have fun, trustworthy, and sensitive.

Tell me about your love story

On this page you can see lots of imagery to give you an idea of who I am (I must update these soon though as I’ve got more greys since then!) To ensure we’re a good match, I’d love to learn all about you both. Share your story, what makes you-you, and what you love doing outside of work. Your love story is personal, and by understanding who you are, I can capture those intimate moments more efficiently on your wedding day.

An adventurer at heart

I’m a true adventurer at heart, finding joy in the simple things like the sight of a boundy golden retriever running towards me, walking through the woods surrounded by ancient trees, feeling the emotion in every note I play on the piano, twirling in a long skirt, or riding my fabulous 50’s style red bike. Nature excites me, whether it’s hiking the hills or contemplating the vastness of the universe and the wonders of science.

Surreal experiences

Life has gifted me with some surreal experiences, like photographing President Clinton (he said he loved my dress!), meeting ‘Professor Slughorn’ at a Devon café, night swimming with manta rays in Hawaii, and swimming with wild dolphins. I’ve even flown in a helicopter with the doors off, and enjoyed lying on the deck of a boat in Australia watching a distant lightning storm. One of the most unforgettable moments was being lifted onto the back of an elephant on a beach in Thailand 10 years ago.

Years of wedding photography experience in Devon and Somerset

Having been a wedding photographer in the South West counties of Devon and Somerset for so many years, you can imagine, I’ve witnessed countless stories. Having also been a bride, I understand the excitement and nerves that come with the big day. My advice is to embrace the experience, not getting bogged down in details, and focus on making it your own, creating unique traditions that make it personal and, most importantly, fun

So, if you’re looking for a wedding photographer who not only captures beautiful moments but also becomes a friend on your special day, I’d be honoured to be part of your journey.

Fun fact: I could watch Back to the Future over and over! I even had our wedding cake sculptured into the film. The top tier was the clock tower 🙂


Take a look at some stunning imagery of the extraordinary nature around us. Here are three posts from my nature website. Prints are available too.


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