I wish you were there to see it and be in it, but I hope you can feel you were there from these Devon wedding photos. I was just enamoured with them the whole day, from the first hug offered by the most affectionate and loving groom I’ve ever met, a beautiful warm and friendly bride, and friends and families who were just the same as them! Literally everyone got a proper tight hug, and probably a minimum of 5 hugs for the day. These guys were definitely making up for the lockdowns by finally getting to hug the ones they love with all their might.

Postponing the wedding was worth it just so they could share their wedding experience with their friends and families. And what a party it was. I think the bride is set for life with laughter, because her husband is so amusing on the dance floor! It took place on their family home in Devon, on this wedding I don’t think I’ve ever seen people happier than this group, and it was excellent I tell you! Excellent.

Guess what; we went to Dartmoor for a photo shoot!! It didn’t let us down. The vast rugged landscape, with so much sky everywhere, and rolling hills in the distance were a sight for sore eyes. We had a brilliant time taking wedding photos on Dartmoor.

At the end of the night, we did some night time shots, but by then they were rather merry. It made the photo shoot very funny, with the groom dancing instead of standing still. Their friend came by to help hold the light, but instead I ended up being picked up in the air!

Love it.