These last two years have had more dogs at weddings than ever before. I’m pretty happy with that! They bring such joy to a wedding, and afterall, they are part of the family right? So, if you think they have the right disposition to be there, bring them!

My brides and grooms, who have had dogs at their wedding, have hired a dog handler for the day who helps takes care of your dog. They can turn up for the photos, and give you a kiss. It’s quite a special photo really, you two in your wedding outfits with your dog.

Here are some tips for considering bringing your dog to your wedding:

  • There’s a cool article here you can look at by the Dogs Trust called How to Plan a Dog Friendly Wedding. They have some really key points here, so do check it out if you’re planning to bring your dog to your wedding. They say it’s a good idea to create a little den for him to feel safe and cozy in, some dogs may be shy whilst others may be excitable so plan his arrival in line with what’s happening, and you could also include some dog training in your wedding planning!
  • This article on Rover makes a point to let your guests know your lovely doggie is coming, and to “make sure your dog’s wedding handler is aware of any special needs among guests”. They also add to check with the venue that it’s okay to bring dogs.
  • If they’re disposition is too nervous to come to your wedding, you could get a wedding photographer to take photos of you with your dog announcing the date (with signs), and then even put the doggie photos around the reception.
  • The Bridal Guide suggest you decide on a role for your dog, and then rehearse that part of the day with him/her.

I used to have a dog myself; a golden labrador called Fudge, so I am quite comfortable around them.

Get in touch if you’re getting married, and do tell me all about your dog if she/he’s coming!


dogs at weddings devon
Fiona, with her dog some years ago