Informal, Relaxed, Garden Weddings in Devon and Somerset

These guys were travelling across the world when they got in touch with me about my Devon and Somerset wedding photography. I’ll always remember our video call, with me in my home in England and them in Vietnam! It felt very exciting to talk to them all the way across the world about their wedding. Isn’t it an exciting reflection to think about all of the different cultures in the world taking place right now. I would always love getting back from overseas and being able to make a statement like, “I was in Hawaii yesterday!”.

We hit it off straight away, especially as I really admire and applaud those who travel the world. I think it’s something that should be done before you become a serious adult haha 🙂 They told me tales of their travel and of their relationship, and it was as though we were in an international coffee shop as we shared our drinks across the magic of wireless.

This wedding was super informal, super relaxed, and very personal. Tick, tick, tick. A wedding should be personal, make it be part of who you are. The only traditions are the ones you want to make. These two had steel drums and those colourful umbrellas hanging from the marquee, the ones you get in countries like Vietnam and Thailand.

The marquee was in the family garden and they did a great job! Fairy lights, fire pits, lush flowers, and the ruffly softness of their golden retriever who kept me company. No formal family photos required on this one, so their time was spent hanging out and giggling with loved ones.

It was one of those gorgeous warm August evenings, there had been a heatwave that week and the heat was still present in the air. We could wear shorts and T-shirt at 10pm and feel ‘just right’. We finished off the night with an epic shot of them using my light wand and the fire pit, which won a Wed Award!

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