Top 10 Wedding Photographers List & Other Awards

I love to grow and learn throughout my career in wedding photography. There’s always so much to learn, to create, to explore. I always aim to be the best I can possibly be for my couples, and I love to chase that ‘one’ photo that says it all and has the power to transport couples back to that moment. Here are a few awards and accolades I’ve been so humbled to receive this year.

Top 10 wedding photographers in the UK

How delightful to see myself in the list of the top 10 wedding photographers in the UK for 2018 from Your Perfect Wedding Photographer.


Top 10 wedding photographers out of 150

ZankYou Wedding Blog have selected their top 10 wedding photographers from 150 and picked me to be one of those in their top 10 for 2018! I love their review!"</p


Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the UK by SLRLounge

Thankyou SLRLounge! What a thrill to be selected.


Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the UK by YPWP

I was also listed in the Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the UK for 2019, 2017 and 2016 from Your Perfect Wedding Photographer. I’ve been making a few funny celebratory noises, consisting mostly of ‘woo’ and ‘yay’! Especially as it is the 2nd year in a row.

best wedding photographers

Best Wedding Photographer in the South West.

RegionalFinalist-wedding-awardIt’s been amazing to be a regional finalist 5 years in a row with The Wedding Industry Awards, for

Currently listed as #2 for the highest ranking UK photographer list

WedAward is an international contest for wedding photography for which 3% are selected as winners. In the last selection I was so thrilled to see two of my images chosen:



An article by South West News titled ‘10 Devon Wedding Photographers You Need At Your Wedding. Cool!


This image best represents my reaction!

Winner! Best Wedding Photographer Devon 2010

Here’s an oldie but goodie; all the way back to 2010 where I won Best Wedding Photographer Devon by the South West Wedding Awards.

best-wedding-photographeraward winning wedding photographer south west