Exeter Wedding Photography in the Rolling Hills of Devon

It was a matter of seconds and the bride and I were on the same level. I get so excited when brides contact me for wedding photography (Devon, Somerset, uk) and we’re like peas and carrots. We had so much enthusiasm it was infectious! A girl full of love and life!

One word to describe the bridal prep, chocolate! I’ve never been offered so much chocolate in such a small space of time before! As I was munching and photographing she told me all about the hen party at the Cadbury Factory! Brilliant. There were bowls of chocolate everywhere.

The stories that I learn through meeting unique individuals are heartwarming for me on weddings. Jen’s sister talked to me all about their grandparents and showed me the locket which her mum attached to the bouquet; it had photos of both grandparents. I could see that thoughts were of them many times of the day, much like for me on my wedding day in Devon.

The bride was a legend walking through nettles to get to the top of the hill and boy was it worth it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen more magnificent rolling Devon hills on a wedding before!


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