Dartmoor Devon Wedding Photography Elopement

What a difference a day makes.

One day I know a person’s name and perhaps where they live, too. Then within just one day I feel as though I’ve known them forever. I never know what story I will find myself capturing with wedding photography, what patterns I see from the light around me. What I do always see though is a unique connection behind their eyes as they say their vows, or that glance to each other when they think no one else is looking.

“How many guests will there be?”, I ask my sweet couple. “Two” they say. “Just two. We’re coming from Germany and will be bringing our grandma and sister to be witnesses”.

Now, this took some repeating as I’m familiar with hearing ‘100 guests’! The next part though I’ll never forget. I’m used to working within timelines and always love to squeeze as much time with the couple as possible, trying new things with new angles in different environments, it’s exciting! So when they said they want 5 hours, well I was thrilled. 5 hours shooting wedding photography on Dartmoor, Devon. I adore incorporating the landscape in the scene when I’m doing wedding photography. Devon and Somerset have some spectacular landscapes.

The bride, kept saying how it all felt like a dream because it was all so surreal. Before we left the wedding venue Devon for the photography shoot we spotted an older couple talking a walk in the grounds. Nothing out of the ordinary you say, and you’d be right, except this couple were dressed in Victorian clothing! No special event taking place, just a couple who dress in Victorian clothing. The lady even had a parasol just like the bride so I couldn’t resist such a unique wedding photo opportunity when they said they’d be happy to have a photo.

When we made our schedule in the weeks beforehand we said, “Let’s hope we get a good sunset”. We got more than that; not only a beautiful sunset but the deep blue colour of the sky in the day was great as a backdrop, not a cloud in sight. Yes a little tricky for shadows but, the blue sky made the waters at Burrator Reservoir look deep and beautiful.

At the end of our Devon wedding shoot we start getting into the car when the groom says, “look at the moon!”. We looked into the distance and above the hill top sitting proudly on display was a full moon. We were cold and tired but gave each other a look that said “we can’t pass this opportunity up, let’s go take some more pictures”. So off they ran up the hill. And lived happily ever after.

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