I’ve been so excited to post this Somerset wedding! It ticks all the boxes for any wedding photographer…

It was outdoors, it was a humanist ceremony, at home, all handmade, with summer weather, and the most amazing guests to talk to. The best part though, since the very first email, has to have been the couple!

These two are so full of life, full of love for life, and full of love for each other. I just love couples who aren’t afraid to be themselves, to thoroughly and unashamedly be who they are and have fun with it. They had so many ideas and I was buzzing when I heard them. Smoke bombs in the wood? yes! Backlit shots with lights? yes! photos holding their school photos? yes!

Everything about this wedding in Somerset was all do-it-yourself. When I arrived they were setting up the ceremony area and hanging up some paper cranes, making the bouquet from flowers grown by family, I just loved how raw it was, how real, right down to earth. They even walked down the aisle together, it really and truly was so beautiful, especially their first look.

Thankyou so much to my couple for welcoming me into their wedding, for allowing me the responsibility to capture a day that they’ll remember until their last days, and for the numerous ideas they brought to the table.

The Photos!

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