One of my brides refers to Hunstham Court as one of those idyllic country houses in Devon. Coming from London this place is a sweet spot and it certainly is for wedding photography.

This Devon wedding followed that idyllic theme. It was an outdoor wedding, the family stayed for a couple of days and I was there for the weekend capturing it all. It meant I got to feel like one of the party and I felt so lucky to get to know all sorts of people there, especially the grandparents. I was even included in the ‘Who’s Who?’ booklet!

It started with a fun leisure activity at the nearby shooting school, followed by walks and afternoon tea. Family came from all over the world so it was brilliant to see people meet and spend quality time together.

There was an evening BBQ and some amazing jazz music. The couple looked so stunning, starting out their lives together, it was a pleasure to be a part of their lives for one day.

I hope you enjoyed these fun and romantic wedding photos taken in Devon. Get in touch about your wedding here.