The Best Wedding Photography 2018 – Somerset, Devon, and all of UK.

It’s such an exciting feeling to have completed a year of wedding photography in the UK! I feel thrilled to have had such a good year, and let’s admit it’s nice to have the weekends back, but time soon passes and I actually find myself missing them! Someone give me a wedding, I call, I need the camera in my hand! It’s hard to wind down after being so intensely focused on them. To do the job well you gotta give your everything, and now they’re finished I don’t know where to look haha! 

However, I am also a landscape and nature photographer and I am loving that aspect of photography during the quiet season ( Do follow me on insta and see the latest scenes. I love to add a bit of mindfulness photography talk into them too. Landscape photos are a beauty to the eye, why not double it’s benefit and remind people to notice the now more often and take a break from the monkey mind.

Back to wedding photography, and as I reviewed my favourites I forgot just how fulfilling the year was, all the memories from the weddings came flooding back. I get to feel a little of what it must be like for my couples to see their memories on camera and I am once again reminded just how essential photography is. Our memories fade, but the photos remain and they remind us of those precious love-filled moments. It’s good to remember just how much people love you from your wedding day and in your life.

I did a lot of outdoor weddings in Somerset and Devon this year, as well as lots of humanist ceremonies. The words spoken by the celebrant of the couple are endearing, then you look at the expression on the bride and groom’s face and they look so in love and happy, these are sights I feel so lucky to see. I’ve always felt good seeing other people happy, especially if I’ve had something to do with that, so it’s lovely to see.

It was a fab year for wedding photography awards I must say! I won a Fearless Award, woo! They are so hard to achieve. I also won a Masters of Photography Award, and 2 Wed Awards. You can see them in the photos below. I also became a regional finalist 4 years running in The Wedding Industry Awards.

No annual photo review is complete without me expressing gratitude to all my couples. I thank you so much for letting me be part of the day. I adore each and every story I photograph, I become so close to my couples and that part of the job is humbling.

Let me show you the year with a slideshow and do turn up the volume as I made the soundtrack myself  🙂

  I’d love to hear about your wedding, get in touch!