This was such a beautiful Devon wedding, such a warm and friendly family, and so much love between them.

As I was photographing her amazing wedding shoes I noticed there was a trio of boxes besides them with a note on each from her husband-to-be. Wow, this guy is super thoughtful. Each box had different type of gifts inside! Isn’t that romantic!

Her parents were ever so proud, and I could feel they were a close family. It was lovely to see their faces when they first saw their daughter ready to get married.

With the wedding ceremony over we headed outside for the confetti, it just started to rain and I’m sure you can see just how much it didn’t matter. Friends and family were still full of ‘hooray’s’!

We got a few photos done in-between the rain, and then after some excellent speeches we headed outside in the Devon rainy countryside and got some epic, creative, and fun wedding photos! We kept the umbrellas above them for as long as possible, then when I had the light settings ready we took them away and fired away, then quickly put the brollies back. I’ve had people say that they almost wish for rain on their wedding day seeing these!

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