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I reckon it’d be fun if I summarised this awesome micro-wedding in Devon right here, because there are so many things I want to tell you about it and I just can’t wait!

No fuss.
And they went in the lake!

Picture this: Rolling hills everywhere you look, grand oak trees hugging the scene, buttercups and daisies peeking out of the long grass, bees on the lavender, ribbons and hay bales.

It was a wedding outdoors, right beside the lake. Heartfelt looks of love beaming across the faces of everyone there, with a glint of a tear in their eyes. At Clifford Barton Devon, they provide a buggy to take you to the lakeside for the wedding, and what a lovely way it was to arrive.

After they walked through the confetti falling from every angle (how fun is that?!), we went off for about 30-45 mins to explore the grounds and take some really stunning wedding photos. The grounds at Clifford Barton are exceptional, with fields of green everywhere, trees of all species, tall golden grass, and wildflowers dotted here and there. For a wedding photographer, like me, who loves to encompass nature and landscapes in the images, it was a dream come true. I could have worked for there hours.

They ate under a canopy, amongst the trees, with a BBQ and cous cous salad from The Pig Apple. With just 30 guests, it was relaxing, laid-back, and fun. They got to spend time with their friends, sitting on hay bales, sipping bubbles.

All they wanted was to get married, to have their loved ones with them. Weddings can be hard to plan, there’s so much to think about. This one was much like a family outing, no frills, just each other. The table was decorated with local wildflowers. For keepsakes, they printed some fun sentences about them which had left some parts blank for the guests to fill in.

The best man asked for a photo of him and the groom beside the lake. As I was taking it, the best man tried to push the groom in, and in the end they both went in!! Stay around until the end, and you’ll see a 10-second photo merge of it!


Are you getting married? Ahh, congrats! If you want your wedding to be out in nature, you love being outdoors, and are planning something fun and laid-back, then we absolutely need to talk!

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When they saw the photos:
“Needless to say Fiona, the photos are absolutely wonderful. They are exactly what we hoped for and looking through them really brought us back to the moment. They are perfect and I’m so utterly delighted you were our photographer”

This wedding looks fabulous. What a stunning venue for their laid back wedding. Beautiful images, too, Fiona. No wonder the couple were utterly delighted with them.

Hey Jeff! That’s so kind of you to say, thanks ever so much for saying. I can’t believe the groom went in the lake haha! I was so pleased for them though, to have their wedding take place and to see them all be loved. Good luck for the year ahead.