Wedding Photography in Devon always brings charm, no matter what the weather.

This lovely couple got married at a church in South Pool, and celebrated in their amazing family home in Kingsbridge, Devon. Photographers would love it; modern, bright, spacious. This meant there were wedding photo opp’s everywhere, not to mention with the amazing story that was taking place in front of me.

As soon as I saw their fish tank I knew that’d make a quirky photo. It’s like they’re under the water with the fish around them!

I can say this is the first time the father of the bride has entered the room where the daughter is getting dressed so that he can get some pants! She was saying “dad! you’re not supposed to be in here!”. Dad, replies “ok I’m not looking I just want to get some pants”. Her Dad was a delight to talk to. At the end of the wedding he showed me his amazing cinema room and really made me feel welcome.

We had a little drizzle on this day and it made it a little tricky to avoid the mud by the church! I know the weather can be a worry for a lot of brides, but you’ll be having an amazing day no matter – because you’re getting married! I look at the environment around me and think about how I can use it, rather than let it stop me. We did one last shot at night on their balcony where there was a little bit of rain. The lights from the party behind them really made it a wonderful colourful image!

Thankyou to such a lovely couple and their families, for welcoming me for the most special day of your life.

Wedding Cake – The Dinner Service
Wedding Dress – Azure Bride
Devon Wedding Venue – Family home in Kingsbridge, Devon


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