Hotel Endsleigh Wedding Photography in Devon

Ludicrously romantic…


Such a natural and beautiful wedding in Devon this was. No formalities. Jimmie and Jenny wanted it to be relaxed, informal, and fun. And it really was. I just burst with gratitude after every wedding. Witnessing and capturing a love story, two people going through a truly meaningful and emotional experience, is enough in itself to be grateful for. With the addition of the sun beaming down and of course photographing at a Devon wedding venue so enthralling with taste and beauty, I might have possibly been smiling the most (other than the newlyweds of course!).

The groom chilled out in the sun for a while and then went to meet the bride at her room when she was ready. I think he was truly captivated when he first looked at her. She wore a 1920’s style Claire Pettibone wedding dress and a fashionable and delicate headpiece. They walked together to the ceremony which was taking place outdoors amongst the tulips. The wedding guests were mingling and drinking when they laid eyes on the bride and groom who just arrived at the place for the ceremony. I heard a chorus of ‘ahhh’ ‘s and smiles from ear to ear from the guests looking at the stunning couple. Then everyone found a seat and the sweet wedding ceremony began.

Now a husband and wife, we all walked along a path that had views across the valley with layers of different coloured trees. Their wedding cake was waiting for them on the lawn, amongst drinks and bites. We went off to take some scenic and romantic wedding photos in the Devon countryside. I could have photographed them all day, they were so photogenic, as was the landscape around them.

Guests were enjoying the sunshine, the drinks, and the garden games as we came back to join them all. The meal took place where hours earlier they had got married. It was a really long table with trees on it! See the pictures below.

The bride’s Dad said a few words which I will remember for some time. “It seems only yesterday I was 30 years old. Someone said to me, ‘hey you’re 30 you’re so old!’ But now, I am twice that age and it has gone so fast. My advice for the couple is, enjoy the moment now. The present is a good time to be”.

For the evening reception, again, no formalities just fun and happiness and no rules. There were some casino tables to have fun with and a fire pit outside whilst some cool music filled the air from their own playlist.

I look forward to Hotel Endsleigh weddings again in the future and know I will hold fond memories of it as a place of beauty all around me.

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Make-up artist – The Pop up Salon

Entertainment – Casino Select

Wedding dress – Claire Pettibone

Flowers – Amanda Randell

Wedding Cake – Peboryon

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