Devon Wedding Photographer at The Oak Barn


2018 is here and this was the first wedding of the year. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect Devon wedding to photograph than Angela and Liam’s. Crikey, what a beautiful dress, an emotional ceremony, and a totally awesome party!

Ange and Liam rocked their photos! I take my invisible hat off to them for committing to the wedding photos despite it being coooold! Go with the flow and enjoy it no matter the weather on your day, I love to have fun with it. After-all the weather is part of the wedding day so let’s welcome it! Windy photos make good photos, cloudy ones do, sunny ones do, and rainy ones do! We’re set then hey! With the rain we can get the brollies out, and I can also do a backlit rain shot. If we need to make more of the indoors there’s always something creative can be done. Just show me some fairy lights and i’ll do the rest 🙂

What beautiful families I get to meet as a wedding photographer. Ange and her parents had a lovely moment when she was all ready to get married. The ceremony was just as emotional and I was totally connecting with it having got married a few years ago. It’s such an awesome feeling to say your vows and exchange weddings rings.

Sometimes I hear a loud ‘YEA!! WOO!!’ during the meal so I quickly grab my camera and get up to catch the action. I found a fun group of wedding guests playing a game at their table, some of the expressions are hilarious!

The wedding party was brilliant! Confetti cannons going off, and I caught so many ace wedding photos of Ange swishing her dress on the dance floor.

We finished the wedding photography with a night shot where I backlit the couple with a red gel, sprayed some Atmosphere Aerosol, and placed a cool prism on my lens to produce something mega special and different.

These wedding photos were taken at Oak Barn wedding venue Devon. 

Here is Angela’s response to the photos:

“I don’t know what to say other than you are magic. The slideshow was perfect and the soundtrack too. It wasn’t long before I had tears in my eyes! We absolutely love them and have no idea how we are going to choose which ones will take place around our house. I did suggest perhaps covering the entire wall up the stairs….

We knew you’d give us the most amazing photos but there’s just no guessing how amazing they would be…. thank you so so much, you captured the entire day and night and so much of the emotion too….. are you sure you’re just one person? Do you have super powers?? “


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Devon Wedding Venue – The Oak Barn
Wedding Makeup Artist – Lizzy Couch
Wedding Band – Rock n Roll Kings
Wedding Dress – Prudence Gowns
Wedding Flowers – Emma Hewlett