Best of Weddings from 2017

Magical trees in spring time, golden sunsets in summer time, a wedding in the same place I myself got married, an epic cornfield, half dressed Scottish drummers, a rainbow, pretty rain pictures, and a helicopter landing! What a way to spend the year, photographing weddings in Devon, Somerset, and the UK. I even went 5 hours to the north to do wedding photography and that’s the one with the epic cornfield. I’m very excited to do any weddings in Italy or France too! Keeping my eyes and ears open!

It’s a unique job really, and I never really know what to expect until the day, or actually just minute by minute on the wedding day. Especially as the weather usually dictates what we do, and not in a bad way! I’ve challenged bad weather and won! We had so much fun braving the elements and as a result got some of the most amazing rainy wet wedding photos I’ve ever taken. When it was exceptionally windy my couple and I really embraced it. I remember Garrett, the groom, shouting out “I love wind!”. It really did feel like we were flying!

Some of my most heart warming and memorable memories of the year of wedding photography are; Lexie’s mum opening the door and welcoming me in like I was her own daughter, capturing such natural love between Rai and Lewis in that cornfield, the windy coast of Newquay, having loads of time to photograph Lorraine and Will in a field during the golden hour, Lexie climbing over a fence for the love of a rolling hills photo, stunning oak trees on the horizon at Shilstone House Devon, the Scottish wedding with the drummers, the first photo of the day at one Devon wedding being of a labrador, and all of my couples being so up for anything.

It was a fun year overall, I even got chosen as a finalist as the Best Wedding Photographer 2017 South West with The Wedding Industry Awards.

I want to thank all of my totally lovely couples who chose me as their wedding photographer last year. For welcoming me with such open arms, for being up for my crazy fun suggestions. I have made some lasting friendships from my photography and I will always be grateful to be able to be part of your incredibly special wedding day.

If you’re getting married, yay! Send me a message I’d love to get involved in your wedding.

Here’s a fun slideshow of my work last year, or you can view them below:




Awesome wedding venues from 2017:
Coombe Lodge, Bristol
Shilstone House, Devon
Old Down Manor, Bristol
Upton Barn, Devon
Huntsham Court, Devon