A Fun-Filled Wedding in Somerset UK

Well, oh my goodness, these two were hilarious! I love weddings that are so fun, so much laughter, so relaxed and easy going. It was such a joy on this Somerset wedding to capture so much laughter, everything seemed to make the bride laugh, it was lovely.

The bride even laughed when she cut her foot on something in the bridal room, it was so funny trying to get it to stop bleeding. She was in her wedding dress at this point too so it was a panic but a laugh!

The groom and his friends were outside in the town square so I enjoyed going between him and the bride, capturing the story. I was so glad that I went back to the bridal suite when I did as there was another funny moment of the girls trying to get the dress tape to stick down!

I must do a shout out to the best man, who was incredible at getting the groups together for photos but most of all keeping them giggling. He himself should be on the stage, I wish I could remember the jokes!

Nyland Manor in Somerset is such a stunning wedding venue to photograph. It was a September wedding, so the light was warm and beautiful, the flowers were still in bloom and we had such a perfect sky to work with, blue with some puffy clouds. Not to mention a gorgeous sunset. I love to put the camera off flash and place it behind them for shots like that. Take a look!

The wedding day in Somerset ended with a fire performer, incredibly skilled and very impressive.

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