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“Do you want to bring your husband as our guest?”

“Oh no, I couldn’t do that. It’s so amazing of you to offer an invitation to him though”

“No, no, we’re serious. If it makes your day better then that makes us happy”.

This was probably one of the most memorable conversations of my year being a wedding photographer, when the bride wanted my husband to come along.

My heart warms so much every year at the way couples welcome me into their life. Thanks so much to all my sweet couples and an excited hello to all my new ones! The summer has been amazing, the weather meant there were more outdoor wedding ceremonies and there have been so many unique and fun wedding ideas. Space hoppers, bubbles, a horse and carriage, 2 dalmatians, a ceremony by a lake, an elopement on Dartmoor, a ceremony with 400 guests, an amazing mariachi band, epic skies, warm golden sunsets, and tambourines during a ceremony for the guests. I thoroughly love a good country wedding, from a festival feel in tepees to a more modern feel in Manor houses.

Of the thousands of shots I’ve taken, what comes to mind the most is the people I’ve connected with. On every wedding I usually connect with someone and learn about their life story. From losing a loved one, to showing me their grandfathers watch engraved to his grandmother from 1930. I come away with a new perspective about things when I hear what they’ve been through, or what they’ve done for someone. Each of us has usually gone through our own journey and I feel admiration for them and strength within myself when they reach out to me. My wedding photography finished on a high last month when I got to chat with the mother of a groom and had exactly that special encounter. Photography is unique. It may look like a piece of equipment that just takes pictures, but it’s such a cool device that pauses the most meaningful moments of your life. (Sorry for the cheesy talk there..)

It’s been a fulfilling year. It was a thrill to hear I was a finalist for The Wedding Industry Awards 2017. I also picked up wedding awards with Masters of Wedding Photography UK, and Wed Award. My hand is on my heart.

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The couple who invited my husband..



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