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Lexie’s reply to the photos!

This bride is such a character that it made this day a total pleasure for me. Incredibly enthusiastic, funny, and romantic. A romantic myself, it was a perfect wedding for me! She had meaningful wedding gifts to give her parents; a handkerchief with embroidered words for her dad, and a plant for her mum. She made signs for her nephews to carry down the aisle, and she even made bunting for her guinea pigs!!  The most epic thing that impressed me was her climbing the farmers fence to get a picture in the field. It was so easy for me to do my job as a wedding photographer with her and the whole family. As soon as her mum answered the door, welcoming me in like she knew me, I knew this was going to be a great wedding day in Devon. A few days after the wedding her mum wrote me a email thanking me for the work. The bride had said to me beforehand, when you arrive be sure to come hungry as mum’s going to feed everyone!

En route to Buckland Tout Saints wedding venue in Devon we stopped at a pretty river in Totnes. The couple were so easy to photograph. She wore such a graceful wedding dress with an amazing lace back. Her wedding venue was full of decorations she had made, cute heart signs, flip flops and blankets for guests, bunting.

It was such a warm spring wedding day, everything in bloom and tulips everywhere. The sun was out, and laughter could be heard everywhere. The bride has this excellent expression about her, she wears her heart on her sleeve so every time I looked at her she was laughing. During the service she asked a friend to read out a dedication she had written to her new husband. It was so beautifully written that I saw lots of tissues coming out.

I see lots of wedding dances every weekend, but this one was super cute as the bride did a run and jump! It was like that scene in Dirty Dancing. No one puts Baby in a corner.

I left them throwing some moves on the dance floor knowing they’d have a night to remember.




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Devon Wedding Venue – Buckland Tout Saints
Wedding Dress – Brides at Waterfields, Torquay
Wedding Flowers – Susan’s Flower Shop, Paignton

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