Becky & Wallace: Their Magical Wedding at Huntsham Court, Devon

Hello, lovely readers! Today, I’m thrilled to share the heartwarming love story of Becky and Wallace, such a sweet couple whose wedding took place at the enchanting Huntsham Court in Devon. As a local wedding photographer with a decade of experience at this stunning venue, I know it inside and out, but still find inspiration for shooting amongst the grounds there.

Huntsham Court: A Dreamy Devon Wedding Venue

Nestled in the heart of Devon, Huntsham Court provided the perfect backdrop for Becky and Wallace’s celebration. The outdoor ceremony was a must for the couple, under the enchanting Dovecote, surrounded by centuries-old chestnut trees.

After the heartfelt outdoor wedding ceremony, the celebration continued inside the hall of Huntsham Court. The atmosphere was alive with laughter, joy, and the sound of music filling the air. The couple and their guests danced the night away with a traditional ceilidh. Becky’s face lit up with sheer joy all day long. During the dancing, she seemed to be bouncing on a trampoline, radiating happiness as she celebrated alongside her friends and family. It was a true testament to the wonderful journey they have ahead.

As a local wedding photographer, Huntsham Court has become a second home to me over the years. One of my favourite spots at the venue is the cozy Butler’s Pantry, a little haven where one can enjoy a cup of tea and some delightful biscuits. It’s these little touches that make Huntsham Court such a welcoming and memorable place. It was a really hot day too, so I appreciated having my water bottle in the fridge.

Fireside Warmth and Sweet Delights

As the evening unfolded, the festivities moved outdoors, where people gathered around the fire pits toasting marshmallows. Or at least they tried to, most of the time they were trying to catch their marshmallow from slipping off! And after a few beers, this is not an easy thing to do. But oh how I love summer weddings, when you can go outside in the evening and not be cold.

Capturer of Magic

A bride once told me I was a ‘capturer of magic’. She even wrote it in a Google review (her name is Natalie Oram if you want to take a look). And that comment really stuck with me. Weddings give people the chance to see and to feel the depth of adoration from everyone in attendance, making you feel truly appreciated. I don’t think we say it enough to each other. You should see my birthday cards to my loved ones; I fill in as much space as is available to let them know they’re cherished and their presence makes a difference in the world. Well, weddings are just like such a sentiment, and photography is that precious and amazing thing that actually captures those brief moments.

So, whether it’s a wedding at Huntsham Court or any other stunning location in Devon and Somerset, I look forward to being there on that special day, and enjoying seeing you feel all the love given to you. More importantly, preserving it, so that if you ever need to feel loved or happy, just get out your wedding photos.

Three cheers for Becky and Wallace! Hip hip hooray (x 3!). Wishing them a lifetime of happiness, adventure, and cherished memories.

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