Huntsham Court Wedding Photos | Becky & Wallace



Huntsham Court wedding venue in Devon is one of the idyllic places to host a wedding party!  These two danced the night away to a ceilidh in the hall, and later warmed by the fire pits on the lawn (including marshmallows)! The light was still bright at 10pm with it being a wedding in June, here in Devon.

An outdoor ceremony is a must at Huntsham, under the Dovecote, and amongst chestnut trees dating back 300 years. Walk down a long red carpet, between bunches of roses and lavender, and marry your best friend. That’s what these two did. Becky had sheer joy on her face all day long, and during the dancing it was like she was bouncing on a trampoline. Three cheers for these two, hip hip hooray!

I’m a local to Huntsham Court in Devon, I’ve been photographing weddings there for about 10 years. I particularly like the Butler’s Pantry, a place to have a cuppa, and there’s always a pack of opened biscuits in there! Please get in touch if you’d like some photography of anything special.




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