Wedding Photography in the Countryside, Devon

Devon Wedding Photography doesn’t get more personal than a wedding on the farm where the bride grew up.

This bride. Amongst one of the most utterly amazing bride’s I’ve ever met. To say she is full of life and full of love is an understatement. When we first spoke on the phone we were already best friends. She has the ability not only to compose music (which is her career), but the ability to use words in the most powerful way that expresses just what she is thinking. As her writing makes you feel incredibly worthy, it was great to hear the vicar read out one of her emails to the congregation and give back some of that gratitude to her. It was one of my favourite moments from this wedding and I was thrilled to capture the reactions of the bride with her two special men by her side; her dad and her husband. Look out for that photo below.

If I could just copy you the bride’s response to one of the night time photos by the tree here you’ll get an idea of who she is and how special this wedding was to her:


OH….MY…..GOODNESS!!!! WHAT a shot! I’m going to be completely honest with you now, (as I always am anyway…but this is slightly embarrassing and I’m going to have to write a rude word…) ….when I saw this photograph last night I literally blurted out ‘Fuuuck’!! Then instantaneously had happy tears rolling down my face! You are exceptional. If this was the only wedding photograph we had of the day, I would be completely happy and content! Your creation here is insanely amazing!”

The wedding photography on this day in Devon was totally relaxed. Happy. Silly. Fun. Perfect. The couple had a blue and white striped tent put up on the farm where she grew up. It was amazing to take photos of her and her new husband down the avenue of trees because this is where she would walk to catch the school bus! As we were walking along the groom showed me something elegantly sentimental; his grandfathers watch. I asked if he knew the year it was from, and he replied that he could could even tell me the date. How so? because his grandmother gave it to his grandfather on their wedding day in 1937. Isn’t that brilliant.

The weather held off and this was great. It meant papa and bride could drive in their Triumph called Hermione with the top down to the Devon church in the countryside. This car had character; just like the family!

Brilliant dancing was done on the dance floor under twinkling fairy lights, and we finished the evening’s photos off by the old oak tree.


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